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What is a tae kwon do
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Yu ying in fenghuang county national schoolsOpened a taekwondo class, a lot of people have very little understanding of tae kwon do, just from the name is confusing, to answer questions about today:

The so-called taekwondo, kick(TAE)Meaning to kick, hit;fist(KWON)To the fist fight;tao(DO)Method, it is a kind of art.

Taekwondo is a way to use the art of boxing and feet.It was based on the feet of kung fu, its feet70%.Taekwondo routine24Set;There are weapons, David, lock, of self defense and10More basic kung fu, etc.Taekwondo is a Korean martial art in the development of after the east Asian culture, Oriental spirit as the soil, inherit tradition, for a long time"Begins with the ritual, finally"The basis of budo spirit.

Todays taekwondo is not only a kind of method with high attack ability, but also a kind of delicate art form and fitness methods.Is taekwondo skills and control learners must possess the basic qualities.Each skill is very exciting and competitive.Tae kwon do in training with his bare hands, and cultivate perseverance and explosive force, training learning boxing is how to use a punch a foot in the appropriate environment to protect themselves.Can make the hands and feet was terrible weapons, in the case of concentration attack, often can produce a blow slay the awesome power.This power is a result of the combined action of the internal and external work.Tae kwon do use the activities of the bones, muscles, joints, to adjust the body, so it is a kind of systemic movement.

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