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Fenghuang county yu ying: national school in sanda is to how to protect themselves?
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In the heat of the sanda fall down are common, how to protect themselves,Yu ying in fenghuang county national schoolsWarm prompt: according to the other side of using what kind of wrestling to decide.In a word, when you fall on the ground, your arm as far as possible not to touch, in order to reduce vibration, helped to fingers inward, fingers to his body, and then bend arm.If you fall down, fingers up to outward and cannot bend arm, the whole center of gravity will depend, wrist, elbow, shoulder joint one to two joint support, it is easy to hurt.If two people to the ground at the same time, the consequences will be severe.If the other party with a rake, double arms legs wrestle down, to the ground when, in addition to the group outside the neck straight, even lower recycling, in order to protect the head.If the other party with foot drop down.Available to roll.By the other party to do not hold onto each other, should let go to do to protect themselves.

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