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Yu ying in fenghuang county national schoolsShaolin martial arts school (the original order of the phoenix) is a non-government wenwu has independent legal person property rights of dual cultivation of national school, by the international referee, state-level boxer, hunan wulin Mr Jie liao jingwuyangxiong founded, the school covers an area of 200 mu, building area of 18091.75 square meters, the school has capacious and bright teaching building, dormitory, canteen, and high standards of various training school facilities are complete.Campus green CaoCheng shadow, the environment elegant, safe and quiet, convenient transportation, schools existing 14 classes, from primary school to grade three) students more than 400 people, the staff of 58 people, including full-time academic teachers and martial arts coach, a total of 32 people.

Original program at present, the school is CCTV incubators, Beijing huaxia film martial arts actor training base, teaching base of hunan university, hunan institute of sports reserve talent reserve base, jishou university practice teaching bases, Suggestions for leading private schools, traditional sports training base in fenghuang county, 2014, approved by state general administration of sports for the national wushu GuanJiao, 2104 by the education department of hunan province, hunan province sports bureau to determine the first martial arts in the pilot schools campus, the only national martial arts school rank in the examination site, Suggestions for five consecutive years was voted fenghuang county bureau of education run by the local school education good schools.

Ten years, the school is committed to the inheritance and development of Chinese wushu, cultivate a batch of outstanding talent.In martial arts, the school organized a team for martial arts performances and competitions at home and abroad, has achieved excellent results, a total of 298 gold MEDALS, 246 silver, 192 bronze MEDALS, especially Liang Jie students participate in hunan province in September 2014 the 12th provincial games won the first gold medal in sanda, Suggestions for history in April 2015 to participate in the national sanshou championship in the top five, MaJianHui, Huang Chaoxin phoenix in Chinas first world boxing championship won the champion, two levels of January 2015 Long Haobin, Tan Jian attend hunan youth boxing champions won the level of 52 kg, 70 kg, respectively, in May 2015 to participate in "the legend of heroes" chongqing audition Huang Chaoxin hao-dong Yang and win the champion of the two levels, accepted by the national free combat team.In June 2015 in fenghuang county in terms of cultural knowledge contest LTD, Iraq, Long Yan qi won the first prize in two, five second prize, three prizes, including Long Yan his classmates only branch of mathematics scores in the top 50, in the university entrance exam this year, high three students to take an examination of the excellent result, Shi Liufeng, Peng Zheng 2 classmates were passed in hunan institute of aviation, Yang Xiongjie, Chen hs two classmates were earning in hunan province police academy, Peng Dajian, the lees to two students attended jishou university respectively.Students in successive wushu boxing matches at home and abroad and exam, rests with yu ying, with the strength of the yu ying, yu ying in the future.

Efforts to build a school, a strong sense of responsibility, loves the hillock professional education teaching level is high, the experienced teacher professional China coach team, uphold the idea of cultivation of wenwu, always give top priority to moral education, culture gave birth to a healthy personality, follow the principle of their aptitude, implement small class teaching, education, make every student can get sufficient development, in May 2015 to participate in the county middle and primary school universal knowledge contest, won the first prize of 2, 5 second prize, three third prize of good grades.

At all levels of government support, the school move to the new campus in 2012, into the high speed development of the fast lane, 2014 with the vision of Hong Kong international holdings group cooperation in running schools, injected vitality into the school, the school will strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known martial arts GuanJiao, make the provincial professional team or the national team training base, with the help of fenghuang county tourism resources and the characteristics of performing arts in our school, to build a grand original national performing arts venues, phoenix beautiful geographical resources the school made use of unique, national special consultation of the domestic and foreign well-known national schools.

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