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The screen for the first time in 2005 "young Du Xin five"

Huaxia medal for the first time in 2006
In 2007 won the fifth martial arts festival and the Hong Kong martial arts exchange championship
In 2008 the central military commission, the Spring Festival party
In 2009 to participate in the founding of the 60 daqing and wu trip to Europe
In 2010 to attend the 16th guangzhou will residue, the Shanghai world expo, wu expo in Beijing
Won the central south five provinces of sanda competition in 2011 and in hunan by depending on the policy more and more happy program performance
Won the wulin wind into the jishou in 2012 and held Suggestions for 12 games wushu, China central television (CCTV) to participate in the June 1 childrens day, and for the people singing in program performance
In 2013 won the "China and Russias" four boxing championship title
In 2014 the phoenix "July 15" flood relief
Migrant workers in 2015 to participate in the CCTV Spring Festival gala and thumb up for you on CCTV

Hunan TV in 2016 to participate in the Chinese bridge program finals

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