The National Wushu system pilot school   CCTV original program incubator base
  Practice teaching base of Jishou University      Hunan Provincial Institute of martial arts training base for talents
  Xiangxi Martial Arts Association Training Base   Vocational secondary school in Hunan Province


  Latest announcement: Liang Jie students won the twelfth games in Hunan Province!
School profile
      Fenghuang County Yuying National School (the original Phoenix Shaolin martial arts school) is an independent legal person property rights of private double the military built national school, founded by the referee, boxer at the national level, Hunan martial arts hundred outstanding Liao Jingwu Mr., the school covers an area of 200 acres, the construction area of 18091.75 square meters of, the school has a spacious and bright teaching building, student dormitories, canteens and a high standard of training field school facilities.
About Chairman
-chairman and manager
- international referee
- director of the merchant kung fu, chairman of the memo: the future of the Chinese national hope lies in education, if only the Chinese national standing among the ...
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Because the school frequently at home and abroad to undertake large-scale theatrical performances and film, now across the country to recruit several martial arts athletes, who had more than two years of martial arts, The school examination standards of the actor, the school will be given admission preferential policies, and provide domestic and international performance and video platform and promotion.

  • outstanding students can be directly admitted to the brand of the professional sports colleges, The film and Television Institute, Institute of police, armed forces, College of art and dance, the Professional martial arts team, or of large enterprises at home and abroad work and school to teach.

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